We now have Quarter 4 H1B visa FY 2023 data and Quarter 4 PERM visa FY 2023 data and Quarter 4 H2A visa FY 2023 data.
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Top Ten H2A Visa Attorneys (All Time)

The table below lists the Top ten H2A Visa attorneys based on the total number of cases they have handled since their first year in the H2A Visa program.

Attorney Name Cases Handled Lawfirm Name
Kamron Martens 5,523 Agri Placements International
Manuel Fick 5,305 Usafarmlabor
Donna Carpenter 4,708 Agriculture Workforce Management Association
Marijean Edington 4,313 Agriculture Workforce Management Association
Joel V. Anderson 3,545 Snake River Farmers Association Inc
Thomas P. Bortnyk 2,962 Mas Labor H2a, Llc
Joseph Young 2,376 New England Apple Council Inc
Heleen H Van Tonder 2,260 Golden Opportunities Int. Llc
Joel Anderson 2,046 Snake River Farmers Association Inc
Theresa Ward 1,653 National Agricultural Consultants Llc

Below is a list of each H2A Visa Attorney

Attorney Name Cases Handled Lawfirm Name
Theresa L Ward 1,574 National Agricultural Consultants Llc
Elizabeth Whitley 1,451 Mas Labor H-2a, Llc
Chelsea A. Ibarra 1,433 Agworks H2, Llc
Jeanne Marie Malitz 1,281 Malitzlaw, Inc.
Stephanie Michaela Rosin 1,256 Signature Staffing, Inc.
Patricia Hall 1,237 Agworks H2, Llc
Aaron Bernard 1,130 The Bernard Firm P.l.c.
Kyle Farmer 1,125 Farmer & Farmer, P.l.l.c.
Robert Garrett Mccubbin 1,096 H2 Visa Consultants, Llc
Andrew M Jackson 1,089 Andrew Jackson Law P.c.
Lesli Downs 1,086 Southern Impact
Kristie S Wheat 1,027 Cajun Visa Company Inc
Monica Youree 986 Western Range Association
Zachary Ryan Harris 940 C.o.c. Placement Service
Idel Enriquez 905 Mountain Plains Ag Service
Terri Forrester 891 H2a Complete Ii, Inc.
Kristie Wheat 825 Cajun Visa Company Inc
Merritt Belk Harris 817 C.o.c. Placement Service
Todd Myrick Miller 796 Head Honchos Llc
Heleen Van Tonder 795 Golden Opportunities Int. Llc
Jeanne Malitz 772 Malitzlaw, Inc.
Robert Mccubbin 740 H2 Visa Consultants, Llc
Melissa Green 732 Ky. Farmers Aid, Inc
Leann Hart 711 Hart To Hart
Patricia M. Hall 681 Agworks H2, Llc