We now have Quarter 3 H1B visa FY 2022 data and Quarter 3 PERM visa FY 2022 data.

Hcl America, Inc. is a company based in Burbank, Ca that has hired a total of 47,719 H1B Visa Employees as of 2022 across 51 locations, with the majority of hires in TX.

The primary jobs hired include Computer Programmers, Computer Systems Analysts, and Computer Occupations, All Other.

The average salary at Hcl America, Inc. for the jobs listed above is $79,001.99.

This company has mostly hired people from the Custom Computer Programming Services industry

The company has been hiring employees since at least 2011 , and both the number of H1B employees and the average salary has been rising over time.

Hcl America, Inc. has an H1b Visa approval rate of 98.48% .

Employer Summary

Hcl America, Inc.
330 Potrero Avenue
Burbank, CA

Total Applications


Visa Status

84                  654
  Denied      Withdrawn
Average Wage


Hcl America, Inc. Recent H-1B Visa Hires

Case Number Job Title Attorney Name Lawfirm Name
I-200-22174-306659 Computer Programmers N/A N/A
I-200-22174-306636 Computer Programmers N/A N/A
I-200-22174-306650 Computer Systems Engineers/architects N/A N/A
I-200-22174-306582 Information Technology Project Managers N/A N/A
I-200-22174-306603 Information Technology Project Managers N/A N/A
I-200-22173-303534 Computer Systems Analysts N/A N/A
I-200-22173-303587 Computer Systems Analysts N/A N/A
I-200-22173-303338 Computer Systems Engineers/architects N/A N/A
I-200-22173-303377 Computer Systems Engineers/architects N/A N/A
I-200-22173-303058 Computer Systems Engineers/architects N/A N/A
I-200-22173-303061 Electronics Engineers, Except Computer N/A N/A
I-200-22173-303052 Information Technology Project Managers N/A N/A
I-200-22173-303488 Mechanical Engineers N/A N/A
I-200-22173-302926 Mechanical Engineers N/A N/A
I-200-22173-302922 Network And Computer Systems Administrators N/A N/A
I-200-22172-299004 Computer Programmers N/A N/A
I-200-22172-298999 Computer Programmers N/A N/A
I-200-22172-302179 Computer Systems Analysts N/A N/A
I-200-22172-299071 Information Technology Project Managers N/A N/A
I-200-22172-300772 Information Technology Project Managers N/A N/A
I-200-22172-301090 Information Technology Project Managers N/A N/A
I-200-22172-300562 Information Technology Project Managers N/A N/A
I-200-22172-300761 Information Technology Project Managers N/A N/A
I-200-22172-299118 Information Technology Project Managers N/A N/A
I-200-22172-301817 Software Developers, Applications N/A N/A
I-200-22172-301182 Software Quality Assurance Engineers And Testers N/A N/A
I-200-22171-296259 Computer Programmers N/A N/A
I-200-22169-295344 Computer Programmers N/A N/A
I-200-22171-297432 Computer Programmers N/A N/A
I-200-22169-295323 Computer Programmers N/A N/A

Hcl America, Inc. Top H-1B Visa Jobs

Hcl America, Inc. Employees Over Time vs Average Salary Over Time

Hcl America, Inc. has been in the H1B Visa program since 2011 where they hired 496 employees. They peaked in 2021 with 6,805 employees, and have since been on a decline with the most recent number of employees being 5,371 in 2022.

Hcl America, Inc. has been in the H1B Visa program since 2011 where the average salary was $60,015. They peaked in 2022 with an average salary of $94,833, and the recent trend shows the average salary on an incline.

Hcl America, Inc. H-1B Visa Data Search

Job Title Visa ID Job Salary Job Year Case Status Normalized Worksite State
Computer Occupations, All Other I-200-20056-347915 $100,651.00 2022 Certified - Withdrawn Nj
Computer Occupations, All Other I-200-20056-347915 $100,651.00 2022 Certified - Withdrawn Nj
Computer Programmers I-200-22010-818379 $46,363.00 2022 Certified Mi
Computer Programmers I-200-22010-818379 $46,363.00 2022 Certified Mi
Computer Programmers I-200-22144-203155 $46,363.00 2022 Certified Mi
Computer Programmers I-200-22144-203940 $47,944.00 2022 Certified Ia
Computer Programmers I-200-22144-203957 $47,944.00 2022 Certified Ia
Computer Programmers I-200-22011-820672 $49,712.00 2022 Certified Ri
Computer Programmers I-200-22011-820672 $49,712.00 2022 Certified Ri
Computer Programmers I-200-22089-022115 $51,147.00 2022 Certified Ia

Hcl America, Inc. Additional Information

HCL America Inc is a next-generation technology company that is recognized globally for helping their clients shape and reshape their business practices and methods in order to thrive in the digital age. Originally, the company was founded in 1976 by Shiv Nadar, and after four decades of innovation and constant evolution, HCL offers a multitude of technology products, services and engineering. Dubbing themselves as ‘Ideapreneurs’, HCL has over 150,000 staff members serving in delivery centers, innovation and R&D labs across 49 countries. These and other accomplishments have led them to earning acclaim in the Fortune 500 (ranked as 250) and Global 2000 (ranked as 650). HCL also works closely with other organizations such as Adobe, Cisco, and Microsoft.

HCL has three goals when it comes to their clients; reduce total cost of ownership, reduce risk of implementation, and accelerate time to market. This is made possible through their Mode 1-2-3 strategy. Cobbled together using IoT, Cloud, automation, cybersecurity, analytics, infrastructure management and engineering services, this strategy is used to “future proof” client businesses by shining three points on the core of the client’s business infrastructure. “Under Mode 1, HCL delivers core services in the areas of applications, infrastructure, DPO and Engineering and R&D, leveraging DRYiCE autonomics and orchestration to transform clients’ business and IT landscape making them ‘lean’ and ‘agile’. Under Mode 2, HCL delivers experience-centric and outcome-oriented integrated offerings of Digital & Analytics, IoT WoRKS™, Cloud Native Services and Cyber-security & GRC services. Finally, Under Mode 3 HCL continues to explore and enter into innovative IP-based partnerships, targeting specific next-generation opportunities. Mode 3 includes the external IP partnership with IBM extending now to half a dozen products; HCL also continues to invest in our internal IP creation strategy and expansion of capabilities and markets for DRYiCE, the next-generation autonomics and orchestration products and platform”.

Over the fiscal year of 2017-2019, HCL America Incorporated has filed 11,482 H1B labor applications. The most sought after jobs within HCL America’s H1B circles are Programmer Analyst, Project Manager, Systems Architect and Analyst (My Visa Jobs). Study.com defines Programmer Analysts as having combined backgrounds and responsibilities of a Systems Analyst and a Computer Programmer. The overall job of a Programmer Analyst is to not only to design and develop computer software systems, but also to implement designs by writing, updating, and repairing computer programs. Program Analyst must have a Bachelor’s in computer science and experience with programming. Salaries for Program Analysts at HCL start at $60K but can reach a total of about $107K.

Project Managers are defined as those who act as leaders of a project’s inception and execution. The responsibilities that would fall under this career include a project’s planning and management of resources and people. Essentially, the Project Manager acts as an overseer that ensures all members participating within the project are pointed in the right direction to produce desirable results. Project Managers can have either Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees in relation to project management with some technical skills. Typical total salaries for Project Managers at HCL are between $90K to $117K, but can reach a whopping payment height of about $211K.

The Systems Architect position is quite similar to the Projects Manager position, albeit more hands on. System Architects craft the groundwork for computer network systems for an organization. This is done to ensure that certain requirements are met, whether that means breaking down and compartmentalizing system data, defining certain interactions and interfaces, and deciding on what technologies and resources would be best suited for the overall design, just like a Project Manager would. Most Systems Architects carry associate degrees in computer science, but most companies prefer Bachelor's degrees from applicants along with two years' experience in the field. System Architect salaries at HCL range from $61K to $118K.

In contrast to their Architect counterparts, Systems Analysts are professionals that look at the infrastructure of the overall computer system and ensure that it operates efficiently. If glaring flaws or issues are found within the network, the Analyst is entrusted to find solutions and present actions to their superiors on how to improve the system. System Analyst should have at least a Bachelor’s degree in computer science, but The Balance Careers recommends a Master’s degree as it may be needed for further advancement within the company. Salaries for the Systems Analyst position range from $40K to $121K.

As a global technology corporation, it is important for an organization to maintain the integrity of its network systems. Programmer and Systems Analysts look for the flaws within a network and if are able to, rework it to fit company or client standards. Architects tinker at the more hard-hitting problems that need to be solved as well as design networks with as few as possible, thus ensuring company and client satisfaction.

Project Managers are given the reigns over major company endeavors. This entails that all systems, workers, and resources are aligned to the desired goal. Perhaps, it would be prudent for companies to outsource Project Manager jobs from foreign countries. That by taking in someone who approaches the position from different angles and methodologies than what HCL would be used to, it could improve how their Project Management operates.

Like most Indian IT companies, HCL has faced some hefty blow back since the restrictive ban on H1B workers placed by the Trump administration. In the Hindustan Times, HCL put out a statement saying that the visa suspension “rules, I would say, are unfortunate, but given that we’ve always been prepared and kind of enhancing our local footprint not just in US but across all geographies, we see very minimal impact due to the current change in policy at least in the near term”.

However, recently in 2019 a lawsuit was filed against HCL for discriminating against non-South Asian workers and exploiting the H1B system. This lawsuit was filed from the Kotchen & Low law firm, stating that Gregory Handloser had applied for a sales position but was denied in what was dubbed as a “systematic and continuous discriminatory scheme”. This hasn’t been the first time Kotchen and Low filed a lawsuit against not HCL (as they did on behalf of former employee Reese Voll), but other Indian -owned companies as well including TCS, Infosys, Wipro, Cognizant, and several others.