We now have Quarter 2 H1B visa FY 2023 data and Quarter 2 PERM visa FY 2023 data.

D Form A, Llc is a company based in New York, Ny that has hired a total of 7 H1B Visa Employees as of May 2023 across 1 locations, with the majority of hires in NY.

The primary jobs hired include Architectural And Civil Drafters, and Architects, Except Landscape And Naval.

The average salary at D Form A, Llc for the jobs listed above is $50,155.80.

This company has mostly hired people from the Architectural Services industry

The company has been hiring employees since at least 2015 , and the number of H1B employees has remained relatively consistent , while the average salary has been rising over time.

D Form A, Llc has an H1b Visa approval rate of 77.78% .

Employer Summary

D Form A, Llc
866 6th Avenue 11th Floor
New York, NY

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Visa Status

2                  0
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Average Wage


D Form A, Llc Recent H-1B Visa Hires

D Form A, Llc Top H-1B Visa Jobs

Job Title Job Location Salary Number Of Jobs
Architectural And Civil Drafters New York, Ny $42,775.25 4
Architects, Except Landscape And Naval New York, Ny $56,534.40 3

D Form A, Llc Employees Over Time vs Average Salary Over Time

D Form A, Llc has been in the H1B Visa program since 2015 where they hired 2 employees. They peaked in 2016 with 3 employees, and have since been on a decline with the most recent number of employees being 2 in 2017.

D Form A, Llc has been in the H1B Visa program since 2014 where the average salary was $55,349. They peaked in 2017 with an average salary of $57,096, and the recent trend shows the average salary on an incline.

D Form A, Llc H-1B Visa Data Search

Job Title Visa ID Job Salary Job Year Case Status Normalized Worksite State
Architects, Except Landscape And Naval I-200-17067-856494 $57,096.00 2017 CERTIFIED Ny
Architects, Except Landscape And Naval I-200-17074-102676 $57,096.00 2017 CERTIFIED Ny