We now have Quarter 4 H1B visa FY 2023 data and Quarter 4 PERM visa FY 2023 data and Quarter 4 H2A visa FY 2023 data.
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As of February 2024, there are 825 distinct job titles with current H1B workers in the United States, accross 1,536 distinct industries (by SOC code).

This page displays the top paying H1B Visa Jobs in the USA. Click any job title or company name to learn more about it, or use the dropdowns to sort and filter the data.

Top paying H1B Visa Jobs (2024)

The table below shows the top paying H1-B visa jobs for the year 2023 across all job categories. The top paying H1-B visa job in 2023 is Orthodontist, with an average salary of $240,057 across 33 jobs with 30 distinct hiring companies. The second top paying H1-B visa job in 2023 is Software Developers, Systems Software with an average salary of $217,423 across 1 jobs with 1 distinct hiring companies

Job Title Average Wage Number Of Jobs Hiring Companies
Computer Hardware Engineers $144,974.55 682 Achronix Semiconductor Corporation , Adecco Group Na/modis, Inc. , 169 more
Software Developers, Applications $144,818.57 7 Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. , Jpmorgan Chase & Co. , 5 more
Compensation And Benefits Managers $144,373.98 16 Atos It Solutions And Services, Inc , Cummins Inc. , 11 more
Biofuels/biodiesel Technology And Product Development Managers $144,088.57 6 Intel Corporation , Maas Energy Works Inc. , 4 more
Oral And Maxillofacial Surgeons $143,622.11 13 Public Health Trust Of Dade County, Florida , Affordable Dentures & Implants - Texas Iv Pllc , 9 more
Human Resources Managers $143,420.07 201 351323 Coffee Cafe Llc , Adecco Group Na/modis, Inc. , 159 more
Chief Sustainability Officers $143,399.40 5 Abb Inc. , Enlite Home Llc , 2 more
Regulatory Affairs Managers $142,342.19 201 Abbvie Bioresearch Center Inc. , Abbvie Inc. , 143 more
Treasurers And Controllers $140,157.84 104 A & A Ever Brothers Inc. , A.b. Property Services, Inc. , 94 more
Compliance Managers $138,491.79 150 Box, Inc. , Novavax, Inc. , 109 more
Prosthodontists $133,463.16 14 Brockport Dental Pllc , Columbia Dental, P.c. , 9 more
Sales Managers $133,410.57 494 Doordash, Inc. , Eos It Management Solutions , 394 more
Dentists, General $125,400.62 873 Hondo Dental Pllc , 1st Choice Dental , 576 more
Electronics Engineers, Except Computer $125,145.07 7,461 Auto Motive Power, Inc. , John Mezzalingua Associates, Llc , 574 more
Advertising And Promotions Managers $124,127.96 137 Adecco Group Na/modis, Inc. , Amplify Marketing Inc. , 103 more

Average Salary Over Time For all H1B visa jobs

In 2010, the salary for all H1B visa jobs was $76,011. It peaked in 2023 with an average salary of $104,257, and the recent trend shows the salary on an incline.

Number of H1B Visa Employees by Category (All Years)

As of May 2023, there has been a total of 5,450,552 H1-B visa workers across all job types. The most common job type is Computer and Mathematical Occupations with 3,559,698 Computer and Mathematical Occupations jobs on record over all years accounting for 65.31% of total H1-B jobs. The second most prevalent job is the Business and Financial Operations Occupations job with 498,397 Business and Financial Operations Occupations jobs on record over all years accounting for 9.14% of 's total H1-B jobs.