We now have Quarter 2 H1B visa FY 2023 data and Quarter 2 PERM visa FY 2023 data.

Capgemini America, Inc. is a company based in Chicago, Illinois that has hired a total of 2,886 Perm Visa Employees as of across 16 locations, with the majority of hires in IL.

The primary jobs hired include Software Developers, Applications, Computer And Information Systems Managers, and Computer Occupations, All Other.

The average salary at Capgemini America, Inc. for the jobs listed above is $101,886.80.

This company has mostly hired people from the Custom Computer Programming Services industry

The company has been hiring employees since at least 2013, and both the number of Perm employees and the average salary has been rising over time.

Capgemini America, Inc. has a Perm Visa approval rate of 94.19% .

Employer Summary

Capgemini America, Inc.
333 W. Wacker Drive

Total Applications


Visa Status

102                  114
  Denied      Withdrawn

Average Wage


Capgemini America, Inc. Top Perm Visa Jobs

Capgemini America, Inc. Employees Over Time vs Average Salary Over Time

Capgemini America, Inc. has been in the Perm Visa program since 2013 where they hired 4 employees. They peaked in 2021 with 849 employees, and have since been on a decline with the most recent number of employees being 135 in 2023.

Capgemini America, Inc. has been in the Perm Visa program since 2012 where the average salary was $90,177. They peaked in 2023 with an average salary of $122,779, and the recent trend shows the average salary on an incline.

Capgemini America, Inc. Perm Visa Data Search

Job Title Visa ID Job Salary Job Year Case Status Normalized Work State
Computer And Information Systems Managers A-22194-87906 $183,914.00 2023 Certified Il
Computer And Information Systems Managers A-22194-87953 $183,914.00 2023 Certified Il
Computer And Information Systems Managers A-22341-69254 $183,914.00 2023 Withdrawn Il
Computer And Information Systems Managers A-22032-06011 $177,923.00 2023 Certified Il
Computer And Information Systems Managers A-21327-77265 $151,715.00 2023 Certified Il
Computer And Information Systems Managers A-21326-76304 $156,957.00 2023 Certified Il
Computer And Information Systems Managers A-21326-76344 $156,957.00 2023 Certified Il
Computer And Information Systems Managers A-21309-68514 $156,957.00 2023 Certified Il
Computer And Information Systems Managers A-21309-68782 $156,957.00 2023 Certified Il
Computer And Information Systems Managers A-21310-69170 $156,957.00 2023 Certified Il

Capgemini America, Inc. Additional Information

Capgemini America Inc is a “global leader in consulting, digital transformation, technology and engineering services”. Originally founded as a French company in 1967, Capgemini has spent over half a century at the forefront of digital innovation. Following their motto of “people matter and results count”, Capgemini seeks out to help clients utilize Cloud and other digital platforms to improve their personal businesses. Another personal belief of Capgemini holds is that the business value of technology comes from and through people which reflects in their sustaining of value creation for their shareholders and stakeholders.

The company is run by its Board of Directors who spearhead the strategic direction of the Capgemini Company and speak directly with shareholders, ensuring that they are pleased with corporate progress as well as taking into account what changes could be made. The current CEO of Capgemini is Aiman Ezzat, who was recently appointed to this position back in May of this year. Ezzat has been with the company over the past two decades, mostly within the Global Financial Services. He is also responsible for outsourcing projects between 2005 and 2007 outside of US borders in order to test the capabilities of Indian workers, specifically from the IT professional company Kanbay. Since then, Capgemini has had a strong relationship with Indian corporations.

Capgemini is considered a multicultural company with over 270,000 employees across 50 countries. As of now, the most popular jobs sought by H1B workers at Capgemini are that of Application Consultant, Test Consultant, Programmer, and Business Systems Analyst. On wisegeek.com Application Consultants are defined as professionals who “work in the information technology field to help businesses and organizations develop technological systems and solutions”. The first thing an Application Consultant looks at is a business’s needs by learning the conductive process of how said business is run. From there on, the consultant is given the responsibility to purchase and install the required applications, and then train others on how they are to be used. Luckily, this is not a “locked-in” position as consultants can be independent and work multiple contracts, however a good consultant needs to have some skills in business. Would-be Application Consultants should have at least a Bachelor’s degree in accounting, management principles, financial modeling, business law, marketing, and communications. Application Consultant salaries range from $61K to $104K, with senior salaries reaching ranges of $80K to $151K.

Test Consultants also provide similar services, running fault diagnostics on system design and prototypes and then finding solutions if any flaws are uncovered. This form of consultant is entrusted to write test scripts for an operational system and weigh the results to see if they meet satisfactory qualifications. Test Consultants may also collaborate with development teams, lending technical support whilst receiving constant updates of a system’s framework or behavior. Salaries for Test Consultants at Capgemini may range anywhere between $54K to $137K.

Programmers and Development Leaders at Capgemini are responsible for “software development using various programming languages and related tools and frameworks, reviewing code written by other programmers, requirement gathering, bug fixing, testing, documenting and implementing software systems”. The duties at this company would call for experience in Java, MS. Net, and similar platforms while also consulting and assisting operators and analysts in solving problems for already running programs. These positions would obviously require workers with degrees in computer science and software experience. Salaries for Lead Programmers range between $90K to $112K total, while Lead Developer salaries can make between $82K to $143K annually.

For Business Systems Analysts, they are responsible for eliciting and analyzing documents, validating business requirements, and identifying system and process solution components. They will ultimately be designing cases, business processes, and workflows while acting as a liaison for coworkers in other departments and projects and business clients. Typically, a bachelor’s degree in information technology or computer science is required for this position, but companies like Capgemini prefer that future Business System Analysts have experience in software, financial processes or health informatics. Salaries for Business System Analysts range from $45K to $112K total annually.

Capgemini is a multinational corporation that began in France. It would make sense that this organization would have firms and offices across the globe as well as position people in certain places in those facilities. Capgemini receives most of its H1B workers from nations such as India, where many professional IT corporations have been founded and operate. By drawing in specialists within the same field to Western shores, Capgemini can gain new insight on how to conduct business and network operations.

Capgemini needs good Business System Analysts and Application Consultants to ensure they not only do business processes efficiently but to draw up perfect deals between client and company. Then, projects under Programmer and Development Leads will craft networks and systems that serve the deals’ desired goals. Finally, you have Test Consultants to collaborate with the developers of the new software, challenging its effectiveness and behavior. It is only when Test consultants have confirmed that the software operates on the level of the predetermined designs, is it ready to be utilized fully.

Since the Trump administration restrictions on H1B work visas, Capgemini is one of several companies that felt some form of impact. In an article on AT&T layoffs from Dice, Capgemini was among a dozen other IT services that raised their denial rates of visas to around thirty percent in the first three quarters of the last fiscal year. Considering that number still rounded out to about 24,866 applications being filed by Capgemini (My Visa Jobs), the company has suffered little blow back yet from the H1B restrictions, nor has Capgemini’s relationship with Indian IT companies and firms been ruined, as their foreign hires account for around 70% of H1B workers within the company.

However, Capgemini and similar companies like Infosys and Cognizant are still subject to criticisms. These three corporations are seen as abusers of the H1B system and have been lambasted as rubbing out local hires in favor of cheaper foreign workers. The numbers of current workers and minimal impact the company has suffered from the Trump administration’s H1B restriction do seem to prove that and it may be a turnoff for American IT understudies looking to break into the workforce.