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317 Labs, Inc. is a company based in Los Angeles, California that has hired a total of 0 Perm Visa Employees as of across 1 locations, with the majority of hires in CA.

317 Labs, Inc. does not currently have any employee data in our database

There is no salary data to display for this company

This company has mostly hired people from the Custom Computer Programming Services industry

317 Labs, Inc. has a Perm Visa approval rate of 0.00% .

Employer Summary

317 Labs, Inc.
8605 Santa Monica Blvd.

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Visa Status

0                  1
  Denied      Withdrawn

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317 Labs, Inc. has not successfully hired any employees through the Perm visa program.

317 Labs, Inc. Employees Over Time vs Average Salary Over Time

There is no chart data to be displayed for 317 Labs, Inc..
There is no chart data to be displayed for 317 Labs, Inc..

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Job Title Visa ID Job Salary Job Year Case Status Normalized Work State
Software Developers, Systems Software A-22164-70899 $96,907.00 2022 Withdrawn Ca