We now have Quarter 3 H1B visa FY 2022 data and Quarter 3 PERM visa FY 2022 data.

Built Form, Llc is a company based in Chicago, Il that has hired a total of 7 H1B Visa Employees as of 2022 across 1 locations, with the majority of hires in IL.

The primary job hired includes Architects, Except Landscape And Naval.

The average salary at Built Form, Llc for the jobs listed above is $39,899.70.

This company has mostly hired people from the Architectural Services industry

The company has been hiring employees since at least 2014 , and the number of H1B employees has been decreasing over time, while the average salary has been rising over time.

Built Form, Llc has an H1b Visa approval rate of 70.00% .

Employer Summary

Built Form, Llc
935 West Chestnut Street Suite 520
Chicago, IL

Total Applications


Visa Status

2                  1
  Denied      Withdrawn
Average Wage


Built Form, Llc Recent H-1B Visa Hires

Built Form, Llc Top H-1B Visa Jobs

Job Title Job Location Salary Number Of Jobs
Architects, Except Landscape And Naval Chicago, Il $40,132.71 7

Built Form, Llc Employees Over Time vs Average Salary Over Time

Built Form, Llc has been in the H1B Visa program since 2014 where they hired 2 employees. They peaked in 2014 with 2 employees, and have since been on a decline with the most recent number of employees being 1 in 2020.

Built Form, Llc has been in the H1B Visa program since 2014 where the average salary was $38,000. They peaked in 2020 with an average salary of $45,510, and the recent trend shows the average salary on an incline.

Built Form, Llc H-1B Visa Data Search

Job Title Visa ID Job Salary Job Year Case Status Normalized Worksite State
Architects, Except Landscape And Naval I-200-20078-418567 $45,510.00 2020 Certified Il